Are you suffering from business stuckness?

Professional life throws many challenges at you and you can’t expect to have the skills or the knowledge to overcome all of them on your own. Sometimes you feel like you, your team or your company just aren’t getting anywhere. That’s stuckness. Coaching can be a great way to keep an individual or a whole organisation moving forward. I know, because it worked for me and now I coach others.


Me and my coaching background

I’m Kristian Hancock and I’ve had stuckness plenty of times in my life as small business owner and school leader. Despite all my experience, I felt unable to move forward or help my team, as if all my skills had been taken away and all I could say to myself was, “I don’t know.”

Coaching was the process that enabled me to see where I was and how to get where I wanted to be. I became more reflective, more creative, more in tune with who I am as a person. So much so that I decided to train as a coach. I felt I had the skills and the ability to help other people in their lives and careers, as coaches had helped me. I am now a qualified and experienced executive coach working with leadership teams and individuals looking for clarity and direction in their work.


How does coaching help stuckness?

Coaching is more than talking to a friend. It’s not a chance to offload or air those office grievances. It’s a process of incisive questioning and structured conversations that help find a way of moving forward. It’s a great method for individuals or teams looking to gain focus, recognise barriers and overcome them. They will get rid of their stuckness, moving efficiently and effectively towards clear goals and targets.

Coaching options for your organisation:

  • Executive coaching for team members and managers

  • Group & team coaching

  • Develop a coaching culture throughout your organisation

  • Train an in-house coach

A free taster session

If you think your business has a stuckness problem, or just want to try coaching and see how it feels for you, get in touch. We’ll have a session of about 45 minutes to an hour to discuss the process, talk about what you’re looking to achieve and maybe even make some progress straight away. This could be in your office, at home, or at my Bristol Paintworks base.

Contact me on or call me on 07795 322 505.