Anon, Parson St. Primary

"I feel that as a team we’ve been able to agree on priorities and that colleagues have strengthened assessment of children working below ARE and been coached in strategies to raise attainment. I’ve been able to draw on language discussed with Kris in order to approach difficult conversations."

- Anon, Parson Street Primary School

Elizabeth Spincer

"Thank you so much for your detailed and practical coaching training.  It was really thought-provoking with lots of opportunities to practise, discuss and feed back about a variety of techniques, which I am sure will be very useful for many aspects of my professional life. Highly recommended to anyone starting out or interested in learning more about approaches to coaching."

- Elizabeth Spincer, Saltford School

George Samios

"As a new Headteacher I have found regular Coaching to be essential. Kristian is able to use his own experience as a Headteacher to quickly build rapport and effectively focus his questioning. I have found each session with Kristian to be energising and supportive and returned to school with renewed vision and determination. I would recommend Kristian’s coaching to any Headteacher as part of their own CPD and support for Wellbeing."
- George Samios, Headteacher, Twerton Infant School & Nursery