Work from our enquiry in a Day at The Croft

An Enquiry in a Day is a great way to demonstrate the power of enquiry-led learning. In an engaging afternoon at The Croft, in Swindon, we asked Year 6 whether or not buildings should complement or contrast the landscape. They then had to design their own structures suitable to an environment they'd been given. 

The work made full use of the system we'd instituted in their new classroom, in which we'd labelled the areas of the large space for use in different modes of learning. The Village Green was in the centre, and the four corners were Firesides,  Caves, Watering holes and Forests. Children were encouraged to move between the spaces at different times of the day and in response to the needs of the work. 

They studied material usage, design suitability and environmental challenges, as well a deciding whether to make their building blend into the landscape or stand out. Their design boards at the end of the day demonstrated deep understanding of the question, new skills and knowledge gained throughout the day, and the odd dash of incredible ingenuity.