Different approaches to enhancing a curriculum

We are passionate that the enquiry-led approach to learning is the way forward for the generation of today. We believe in taking young people through a process, engaging and immersing them in language, and then giving the know of and know how to practise.

Ultimately, we believe young people should be challenged to articulate and demonstrate their own learning and how they 'know more and remember more'.

Every school is unique and therefore every curriculum must be different.

We work in schools and with schools to underpin content with theory and pedagogical principles.

Whole school curriculum approaches

Maybe your curriculum content is good, but you want to enhance how teachers teach and learners learn?

Want to enable teachers to create Historians, Mathematicians and Artists? 'States of Being' is more than just a change of terminology. It is a key tenet, alongside three others that form an enquiry led approach and we provide the theory, characters and process to help teachers plan in an enquiry-led way.

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We've mapped the entire National Curriculum turning it into a whole school, progressive, localised enquiry approach.

Focused on heritage and culture using local people, places and stories, Curious-city builds on enquiry-led pedagogy. 'Catalyst' because schools make the framework their own, and with 49 skeleton lines of enquiry, connecting the past and present to the future, learners are challenged to answer carefully constructed questions under broad and balanced themes.

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Local solutions to the climate change crisis, using similar pedagogical principles as the Curious-city Catalyst approach, but 'green' content.

Young people at school currently, Generation Alpha, will grow up in a world different to any any generation. They will have find solutions to reverse the climate emergency. 'Curious about Climate Change' does just that by focusing enquiry questions and challenges on five big concerns: energy, transport, food, materials and nature.

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Specific approaches

Designed for NQTs and experienced computing specialists alike, the enquiry-led approach uses open sources, common or inexpensive resources to explore computing in its broadest sense, not just programming. It can be used as a discrete subject or alongside Curious-city 2.0 enquiries and exceeds the expectations of the National Curriculum.

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Engaging families in the States of Being approaches used in school through participatory activities. Purposefully designed to avoid putting additional economic, social or cultural pressure on families, the aim is to provide straightforward activities for everyone in the family to engage in together, including those with siblings in different year groups.

Created for non-specialist teachers, Curious Linguists is a whole school approach. It looks at languages and cultures, not just a language and engages learners through immersive experiences. The KS2 enquiries specifically build confidence and curiosity of languages and through careful mentoring from fluent speakers, they become linguists.

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