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Curriculum Clarity Sessions

Your curriculum defines your school. It runs through everything from lesson planning to assessment. Without a curriculum of clear purpose and intention a school can easily become a chaotic, divided and stressful place to work. Ofsted may have recently placed huge emphasis on curriculum with their intent, implementation, impact structure, but its importance has always been the same.

Our curriculum specialists, all former teachers and schools leaders, work across the South West with a number of settings. We have no package or set approach, we are simply interested in helping you refine and realise your plan for teaching and learning.

A Curriculum Clarity Session isn’t us telling you how to run your school. We will sit down with you, discuss your school’s goals and direction and look at a snapshot of your broader curriculum. We will identify strengths and weaknesses, and help you find a path towards the clarity and purpose that make a great curriculum and a great school.


How the sessions work

  • When you get in touch, we’ll take a look at your current curriculum and your SDP

  • Then we’ll come in for a half day and go through our thinking with you, giving our suggestions but also listening to your issues

  • Together we will develop a plan for gaining clarity in your curriculum. We can offer further support, but the half day session will leave you with a much clearer picture of where you’re going and how to get there.


Get in touch with curriculum Team Leader Alison Camp on email, phone or using the form below. | 07912 291 640

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