Dan Rodeck, Filton Avenue

Curious City has refocused teaching so that it is centered around children developing a real understanding of concepts, building knowledge and developing skills. Learning is richer and has a momentum driving it forward as learners seek the solution to their enquiry question. More links are made to the local area, placing children in a real context for learning. States of Being also help learners to understand the purpose behind what they are learning and make links to future aspirations.

- Dan Rodeck, Filton Avenue

Sue Adams, Roundhill Primary

“Thank you for Friday – found it invigorating, challenging (in a positive way!) and it helped us to clarify our way forward. One of the biggest differences in the day was that we were working with people who have no hidden agenda – you genuinely want to support us and help us to develop the best provision for our families. Thank you.”

- Sue Adams, Roundhill Primary

Sarah Bagnall

'“There has been such a buzz around the school today. The children didn’t want to go home. They were thoroughly excited to have more autonomy over their learning and were THRILLED about their homework project! Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is a brilliant start to the direction we want to take as a school and a real privilege for me to see our staff so enthusiastic and the children so enlivened by their learning.”

- Sarah Bagnall, Iron Acton, after the launch of our Curious Linguists language program

Alice Purcell

'“I was so impressed with the school but more than anything your amazing team. So much you encounter in education these days is a bit corporate and detached and I found it so inspiring to talk to the four of you who were clearly so passionate, knowledgeable and creative.”

- Alice Purcell, Ide Primary, after visiting The Dolphin School in Bristol

Jo Lee

“I landed a job in EYFS in my dream school, largely down to the comprehensive and practical training I received. They delivered inspirational, hands on, practical training which suited my learning style as a career changer and really showed me the realities of life as a teacher. When I started my first role, nothing came as a shock.”
- Jo Lee, Cabot Learning Federation

Chris Luffingham

"If you are involved in education in any way you need to check out Lighting up Learning, they will help you be better. FACT."

— Chris Luffingham, Director of Policy, Communications and Campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports.

Elizabeth Spincer, Saltford

"Thank you so much for your detailed and practical coaching training.  It was really thought-provoking with lots of opportunities to practise, discuss and feed back about a variety of techniques, which I am sure will be very useful for many aspects of my professional life. Highly recommended to anyone starting out or interested in learning more about approaches to coaching."

- Elizabeth Spincer, Saltford School

Shelley Dixon

"The Curious-city curriculum fits perfectly into the ethos and values of our school. The levels of engagement from families and children has been incredible. The children have loved learning and it has had an impact on the whole school. It is more than just a curriculum!"

- Shelley Dixon, Headteacher Dolphin Primary School

Andy Perryer

"Nicholas Garrick, Director of @lightinguplearn, won’t remember sitting with me after an INSET during my NQT at Two Mile Hill Primary School ten years ago, but talking with him inspired me to strive to be the best teacher possible. I hope in my new role I can now inspire others…"

— Andy Perryer, Digital Education Adviser, Cognita

Alison Capstick

"Both Year 5 teachers – and indeed the whole of the school - have embraced the work with Curious City wholeheartedly. However, the enthusiasm is matched by Ali and the LupL team along with their curriculum knowledge / conviction which has been an inspiration."
- Alison Capstick, Head of Teaching & Learning from The Whitehorse Federation: