We change the way people think about leading and learning


Ten years ago, someone said, '... you go around lighting up learning'.

It stuck.

'Described as catalysts, we seek to support leaders and teachers to make the changes they want and need to ensure the young people of today become the adults of tomorrow: the articulate, confident, free-thinking global leaders they need to become.

This sounds grand, but the time to rethink education is now. We need to move away from today's revolution against policy and seek to evolve education through cultural change over time. As an organisation, we do this through being knowledge-engaged, using a combination of experience, research and theory. We are particularly committed to representing our broad and rich society to enhance curriculum and leadership.

As a group of practising teachers and leaders, we work with people on the ground in classrooms and staff rooms to affect practice and policy both in the UK and in countries such as Colombia, Afghanistan, Indonesia and Zambia. We do not make the change, we are not a SWOT team.

We help affect change from the inside and work with people in schools, trusts and charities for the long haul. We mark our success when we are no longer needed.

Evolution takes time.'

Nicholas Garrick

Founder and Managing Director

What do we 'do'?

Everything we do is bespoke.

Whether whole school improvement at all levels, curriculum design, training your own teachers or leadership coaching, every setting is unique and therefore we do not have glossy brochures, set prices or mountains of information.

School Improvement

Using the skills and experience of our entire team, we provide support and capacity at all levels, from executive leadership coaching through to team teaching in the classroom. As the named School Improvement Team (SIT) for several schools and academies in challenging circumstances, we support schools in a variety of ways each and every week of the year to ensure they move forward. Nicholas Garrick, Managing Director, project manages this longitudinal, considered approach to school improvement.

Curriculum Innovation

Every school is unique and should have a bespoke curriculum. It is not enough to state that you teach the National Curriculum. We enable schools to discover what makes them special and support them to construct a curriculum localised and bespoke to their school, learners and families. Many primary schools and KS3 settings engage with our Curious-city approach to enquiry based learning: an enhanced progressive framework to integrating the National Curriculum with new and big ideas of the 21st century. Director, Ali Camp, leads this work.

Coaching & Leadership

As an accredited body, our qualified Executive Coaches provide 1:1 Executive Leadership coaching, as well as coaching, mentoring and supervision of teachers and early years practitioners. We build capacity within settings through training individuals to be in-house coaches or whole leadership teams in Developing Coaching Cultures including CoachMark accreditation. Whether you are a private or public organisation, we can empower you to make change from the inside: as a person, a professional and an organisation. Kristian Hancock leads the coaching work for Lighting up Learning.

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Who are 'we'

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Nicholas Garrick

FounderManaging Director
Nicholas is an EYFS & Curriculum Specialist and is currently finishing his Doctorate.
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Ali Camp

Co DirectorCurious-city Lead
Passionate about everything history and heritage, Ali knows (almost) everyone.
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Sam Wilson

Company SecretaryPA to Directors
The most important person in the company and was there at the beginning.
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Charlotte Black

Teaching Futures Programme MentorCurious-city Developer
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Mark Stinchcombe

Teaching Futures Programme MentorGoogle Guru
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Amy Garroch

Curious-city Co-ordinatorTeaching & Learning Coaching Mentor
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Ed Harker

Teaching & Learning Mentor & EYFS Specialist
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Kevin Jones

Teaching & Learning Coaching Mentor (Associate)

The Extended Lighting up Learning Team

Charlie Proctor

Curious-city SupportCharities Project Developer

Liz Gavrilenko

Curious Linguists Project Developer(Associate)

Kristian Hancock

Executive CoachSchool Improvement Advisor(Associate)

Celia Jenkins

Curious-city SupportEnglish Specialist(Associate)

Womble Garrick

Therapy DogCompany Mascot