We want to make learning the centre


of education again



By working with, not for, organisations to achieve change

We do this in a variety of ways, from our localised Curious-city curriculum to coaching leaders; from equity-focused Initial Teacher Training courses to enhancing local museum offers, and last (but not least) with governments and leaders around the world. Ultimately, we are honest and realistic partners in change and are not afraid to shine a light in dark corners.

How we actually do it

 Chosen for the way our approach and the Curious-city curriculum bring together schools, providers and communities.

Chosen for the way our approach and the Curious-city curriculum bring together schools, providers and communities.

  • If you are involved in education in any way you need to check out Lighting up Learning, they will help you be better. FACT.
    — Chris Luffingham, Director of Policy, Communications and Campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports.
  • Nicholas Garrick, Director of @lightinguplearn, won’t remember sitting with me after an INSET during my NQT at Two Mile Hill Primary School ten years ago, but talking with him inspired me to strive to be the best teacher possible. I hope in my new role I can now inspire others…
    — Andy Perryer
  • As a new Headteacher I have found regular Coaching to be essential. I have returned to school with renewed vision and determination. I would recommend Kristian to any Headteacher for their own CPD and support for Wellbeing.
    — George Samios, Twerton Infant School & Nursery
  • I really couldn’t have done it without you, Mark, Celia and Ali, you have all been fantastic, coping with all our rubbish and knowing us so well that without us realising you are always giving us exactly what we need. Thank you.
    — Natalie Parsons, Trainee Teacher, Cabot Institute
  • Really helpful and enjoyable. I'm taking lots back to implement tomorrow. I already feel confident in applying things from today.
    — Beth Horn, Wroughton Federation
  • The informality of the session was really useful for discussion and development
    — Jennifer Martin, Lainesmead Primary
  • It was great to have time to reflect on year group expectations and also to think "whole school". Thank you so much :)
    — Michelle, English coordinator
  • Celia and Ali were so friendly and knowledgeable and made me feel at ease.
    — Carly Chew, Lethbridge Primary
  • The Curious-city curriculum fits perfectly into the ethos and values of our school. The levels of engagement from both families and children has been incredible. The children have loved learning and it has had an impact on the whole school. It is more than just a curriculum!
    — Shelley Dixon, Dolphin Primary