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Our overseas work

As specialists in leadership and curriculum development, we've worked in over 15 countries to date including Afghanistan, Jamaica, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Colombia and Taiwan. Our Director Nicholas Garrick has worked on behalf of The British Council, EU, UN and GIZ (an international enterprise on behalf of the German Government).

The work centres on training in-country or regional facilitators so that countries don't just gain skills but also the ability to propagate them internally. We believe in sustainable development rather than parachuting in consultants who train people and then leave, with no lasting impact.


  • It has been a long time since I have been inspired, challenged and supported within EYFS! You have given me lots to think about, research and apply in which I am very grateful!
    — Collette Armstrong, Taipei European School
  • Thirty-three school principals and education officers participated in a recent workshop series called Lighting up Leadership. The benefits can only redound to our producing students who are better equipped to access secondary or post secondary education or the world of work
    — Dr Maurice Smith, NCEL

Project - Bangladesh

In our long term project in Bangladesh we worked in partnership with GIZ: Bangladesh and The British Council: Bangldesh to create 'Integrity Units' in schools, as part of the Bangladeshi Anti-Corruption Law 2004 and Anti-Corruption Commission.
An 'Integrity Unit' is a team of students who work with senior leadership teams and community elders to role model integrity, transparency and honesty through social- action projects. The intention of the government is that every school in Bangladesh has an Integrity Unit.

Other international work

  • Mastery-led learning, Taiwan
  • Re-delopment of country Teacher Training system, Colombia
  • Student Leadership & Personal Development, Pakistan
  • School Leadership Development, Thailand
  • Lighting up Leadership, Jamaica
  • Leadership Development, Afghanistan
  • Student Leadership and School Parliament Project, Afghanistan
  • Change Leadership, South Korea
  • School Leadership Introduction & Government Focus Groups, Indonesia (Java)
  • Master Facilitator Training, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh
  • Coaching and Mentoring Programme for Educational Leaders, Jamaica
  • Global Curriculum Projects, Uganda

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