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Leading to Enrich, Advance and Develop


What we can do for your educational offers

Learning from experiences and opportunities outside of school is immensely valuable, but it's not enough for schools to simply pay for a visit or have someone come into class for a day. A carefully planned programme surrounding the experience is vital. LEAD is our way of helping you improve any and all aspects of your educational setting or programme, whether you're a school looking for leadership guidance or an organisation that wants to have more to offer visiting schools. 

We can create whole programmes, or give guidance and support as well as covering key positions in the short term. What we've gained from creating the Curious-city™ curriculum has added to the years of experience across the team to give us an even better idea of how schools and other organisations can get the most out of their relationships.  


Specialist advice, support and training, or interim cover for key positions while you look to recruit

 Review, management or creation from scratch of your educational programme and materials

  • Fab day - best CPD I've had for a long time! Excited to take ideas back to the whole school
    — Kimberley O'Sullivan - Southfield Junior School
  • Really enjoyed the day, engaging and interesting. Lots of useful ideas to try
    — Gemma Hayes - Abbey Meads
  • Really helpful and enjoyable. I'm taking lots back to implement tomorrow. I already feel confident in applying things from today.
    — Beth Horn, Wroughton Federation
  • I intend to be a 'voice' at my school to try to ensure that phonics is taught/revised in KS2. I will identify phonics needs early on and work to fill gaps BEFORE children move to y3/4 spellings
    — Tracy Dangerfield - Abbey Meads Community Primary School
  • I will introduce an etymological learning look across school as it worked very well during the session to establish key gap areas amongst year groups
    — Iain Mazonowicz - Even Swindon
  • Celia and Ali were so friendly and knowledgeable and made me feel at ease.
    — Carly Chew, Lethbridge Primary

LEAD for schools


LEAD can focus on either individual roles and capacities or be a part of a review process or cultural shift across your whole school


Enhancing individual roles

Coaching & mentoring
Help leaders and senior team members make a positive impact on their school's culture

Headteacher appraisals
External appraisals of headteachers or governor support during internal reviews

Interim cover
Short term cover for all positions to give you time to recruit the people you need

Quality assurance
Lesson observations and reports to keep staff on track

Whole school change

A culture of play
Instil a culture of play in a school, to the enormous benefit of both children and teachers

Review an element of a school practice and give a second opinion/write a report

Practise OFSTED
Prepare for inspections with a test run followed by practical advice on areas you could develop

Whole school reviews
Shine a light in all the dark corners and find ways to improve any and all areas of your practice

Curious-city™ & Coaching Partners

If you're interested in improving your curriculum or individual coaching and mentoring programmes, you might want to look at Curious-city™, for the former, or Coaching Partners for the latter

Pricing and details

It's hard to give an indication of pricing for LEAD's work because it's so diverse. You can get in touch for an open and frank discussion about your requirements. No hard sell, no jargon, just an honest assessment of what we can do for you.

MATs or groups of schools

It may well turn out more cost-effective for MATs or groups of schools to engage in any proposed work as a unit. This will depend on the logistics and the nature of the task involved, but we'll always see what we can do to make working with us easy and efficient for you.
Contact us - info@lightinguplearning.com   |  07912 291 640

LEAD for other organisations


If you're a cultural or heritage organisation that schools might want to visit, then you already know that it's not enough just to get classes in through the door. To build a lasting, worthwhile relationship with education, you need dedicated staff and a carefully thought out programme for teachers to engage with both before and after they come to you. What you need to make this happen will depend what you already have in the way of an educational offering at the moment.

What does your programme need?


Creation or review

A comprehensive set of materials, tailored to individual year groups, is vital for schools to get the most out of their visit to you.
We can either examine your present materials then discuss or implement improvements to them, or create a whole programme of school engagement from scratch.

Learning officer training

As much, if not more important than the materials you provide to schools, are the people whose job it is to utilise them and interact with them.
Focused, engaging training can impart practical skills and inspiration that will make staff an active and innovative part of your educational programme.

Short term role cover

Recruiting the right people to carry your programme forward can be a time-consuming process, but is one that it's important not to rush.
Our experienced team can provide interim cover for educational liaison and programme management roles, allowing you to find the perfect candidate at your leisure.

Example - LEAD and the WWT

As part of a deepening relationship with the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, we've been creating a series of pre and post visit activities linked to the National Curriculum. These help the WWT get the most out of learning sessions in their centres and help learners delve deeper when they return to school.


The work that LEAD does varies so much between organisations and situations that it's hard to put a price on it. We could end up popping over for an afternoon or working with you for months. Get in touch and we can have a chat about your individual needs.
Contact us - info@lightinguplearning.com   |  07912 291 640