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Why leaders have coaching

A good leader is always learning. Coaching gives you the tools to continuously assess and refine your working practice, better understanding yourself and your team. It is a powerful force for improving both wellbeing and productivity.

We are highly-qualified, experienced coaches, trained to ILM 7 and with a long track record of helping leaders and organisations find their purpose, understand themselves and learn to work better together.


Reflect, learn, progress

What we offer

Transformational CoachinG For Leaders

It’s impossible to lead effectively without a clear vision. If you don’t understand where you’re going and what you want, you will never be able to communicate it to others and enable them to achieve it. Transformational coaching is about finding your voice as a leader. It is a long-term process of reflexive practice, rather than a few thought-provoking sessions. Sessions are evenly and widely spaced, allowing you to actually try the ideas that they bring up and refine them with the benefit of real experience.

The idea is always for the coachee to learn, over time, to coach themselves, rather than needing constant reinforcement from us. The first step is for us to have an open, honest (and free) discussion about what you’re aiming to get out of coaching.

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“Detailed, practical and thought-provoking with a variety of techniques which I am sure will be very useful for many aspects of my professional life”


Coaching for managers

Good management is about understanding people, recognising their skill sets and capabilities, and helping them make the most of both. It starts with understanding yourself and how your values and dispositions affect your work and your interactions. With better self-awareness comes a greater ability to understand the motivations and needs of others.

Management coaching is developmental, rather than transformational, focusing on people rather than vision and the big picture. It is best engaged with over a 3-6 month period, in which several sessions will explore the coachee’s relationship with their team and examine their approach to management.

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“I have found each session with Kristian to be energising and supportive and returned to work with renewed vision and determination.”


Coaching for teams

Team coaching is about sharing values and approaches. Gaining insight into each others’ motivations and beliefs improves communication and working practices. Each team member uncovers their skills and realises their contribution. The focus is on recognising how your behaviours affect other members of the team, either positively or negatively, and how to moderate your own mindset for the benefit of both yourself and the work at hand. Sessions feature individual and group exercises and can be revelatory and emotional.

Team coaching can be instantly effective from its first session because the impact of talking about how you work together can be enormous. It is best engaged with over a few sessions to embed the thinking that comes out of the initial awareness phase.

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“As a team we’ve been able to agree on priorities and I’ve been able to draw on language discussed to approach difficult conversations.”


Clearing up myths, explaining jargon and shedding a little light on some coaching techniques


Why us

We have been coaching leaders and organisations for many years. Both Kristian and Nicholas, our two principal coaches, are trained to ILM level 7. They share a flexible, questioning approach that can be applied to individuals or whole teams and companies.


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