Surrey LOMD - secondary programmes


We have just finished working with Surrey-based organisation Learning on my Doorstep (LOMD), a project set up to develop and support relationships between schools and museums and cultural organisations. Along with Fran Stovold, LOMD’s project manager, Liz Gavrilenko, our secondary specialist, visited 12 museums (including the Lightbox in Woking, pictured) across Surrey to offer advice about how to develop their education offer to secondary schools. It was a great opportunity to meet education officers and curators who are passionate about their collections and who, for the most part, are already delivering a rich and diverse programme to primary schools but have less experience working with older learners. For many, our advice was not to adapt their primary programme, but to explore ways of working differently with secondary schools such as time-limited projects, focusing on history skills and concepts rather than topics or setting up inter-school challenges.