Over the past 15 years we have worked with museums, charities, businesses, social enterprises and community groups.  

We apply the same attention to detail and grounded approaches with the third sector as we do with our schools.

We listen, discuss and co-create. 

Organisations we have worked with...

Bristol Old Vic

Using enquiry-led approaches, we wrote and designed a suite of activities enabling young people and teachers to delve behind the scenes of this historic building and legacy. Activities were made available in January 2020.

Wetlands and Wildfowl Trust

We wrote and illustrated all pre and post visit materials to enhance on-site sessions nationwide. The aim was to maximise visit for teachers through engaging and simply to use activities and resources, published June 2019.

Bristol Bordeaux Partnership

Having created and tested the concept of the Bristol Bordeaux Partnership leanrign resources, using our States of Being approach to developing subject knowldge, we are noe creating similar packs for Oporto and Guangzou.

League of Animals

Researching, designing, writing, editing and testing every part of the new child-centered microsite for the League Against Cruel Sports. The site was launched in October 2020 .


Lighting up Leadership

The programme is aimed at enhancing the mentoring and coaching skills of Headteachers across Jamaica. The coaching programme was part of the professional development for Headteachers and, over the space of four years, became a self-sufficient system. It continues to this day. 

80 by 18

Put simply. 80 by 18 is a list, written by the people of Bristol, of 80 things young people might do in the city before they’re 18 to help them thrive and survive in a changing world. It’s a set of prompts for the imagination. It’s a challenge. It’s an adventure offered by the city.

Wild Time Learning

Born out a collaboration of a range of sectors, the Wild Time Learning platform answers the challenge that most teachers and families say they do not have: time. Filtered in different ways, the activities in the platform are co-constructed by the audience they are aimed at supporting. 

International work

National & International Publications

British Council

We continue to be named Leadership and Learning Consultants for the British Council worldwide in over 20 countries. We have consulted to governments in Bangladesh and Colombia, led social change projects on the ground in Sri Lanka and Uganda and have trained school leaders in  Indonesia and Jamaica.

HE STEM & public engagement 

Creating a guide for HE setting to enhance their public engagement with schools, we facilitated seminars in universities across the UK from Newcastle to Northampton to empower departments to better designed offers more suited to schools  wants and needs.

Natural Connections Demonstration Project

As Hub Leaders for Bristol and North Somerset, we led the 'taking learning outdoors' movement which still exists to the is day including legacies as Wild Time Learning (see above) and  Learning Everywhere (also above).

Article in Primary History (2009)

Article in Primary History (2012)

Case Study, University of Bradford (2015)

Blogs and online articles