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What is coaching and what does it do?

Coaching is a process of careful, neutral but incisive questioning which enables the person or people being coached to understand themselves better. It can increase skills; provide personal development; build relationships; generate and embed a culture of support, and make people more reflective and resilient.

Coaching is also a relationship. Whether you are an individual looking to move past personal blocks or an organisation trying to change your culture, we will be your partners, your critical friends, asking the questions you need to answer in order to progress, develop and succeed.


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What we provide


Coaching is a tool of enormous potential. It can help an individual prepare for a step up or flourish in a new role. It can get teams pulling in the same direction and supporting each other, and it can transform entire organisations. We run sessions or design courses based around your needs. Here are just a few ideas of what we can provide for you, but to discuss your particular requirements, please get in touch.


Coaching for the development of individuals and teams

  • Enhance current leadership
    Gives current staff in leadership roles the skills to inspire and support their teams

  • Develop new leaders
    Develop the next generation of subject leaders and department heads

  • Support pre-capability staff
    Encouragement and support for teachers who need a little more help

  • Establish a new team
    Embed coaching practices in a newly formed team

  • Enhance skills
    Improve communication or collaboration of an existing team

  • Extend capacity
    Give teams more flexibility and efficiency in the way they work


Train accredited coaches or bring skills into your organisation

  • Coaching skills for managers
    Give leaders the skills to support their teams and help them develop their potential

  • Coaching skills for teachers
    Learn how to support and encourage in both the classroom and the staffroom

  • Developing coaching culture
    Give a team the skills to put a collaborative coaching culture at the centre of your organisation

  • Train a staff member as an accredited coach (ILM endorsed)
    Have a recognised, trained coach at your organisation. Someone who can impart skills and introduce a coaching culture to your setting.

How our coaching works

Our coaching is bespoke and begins with a conversation about what you and your organisation need. Sessions can take place at our Bristol office or in a setting of your choice. Typically, an hour-long session costs £150, but the nature and location of the work will affect pricing.

Contact us

Email Team Lead Kristian Hancock

Discounts for MATs or groups

MATs or groups of schools can make coaching more cost effective and its impact far greater by providing coaching for many people simultaneously at a venue of their choosing. Contact us to discuss logistics and pricing.



What coaching is not

Coaching is not therapy or the chance to unload for an hour. It as much use for people looking to develop and progress as it is for people struggling.

Why a properly-trained coach is important

A good coach will challenge your thinking, but never lead you to an answer. For example: If you tell a friend that you’re debating between two courses of action, they will almost certainly ask for more detail about one or the other. This shows an inherent bias in their thinking that can lead to your thinking being swayed. A coach will invite you to consider how you could make a decision between them.

What ILM means

The ILM is the institute of Leadership and Management. It is a long-standing, trusted organisation that has a many-leveled system of coaching qualifications.

About us

Everyone in the Coaching Partners team is or has been a teacher or leader in schools. We know that coaching is massively beneficial because we've both given and received it in a variety of situations. We'll work with you on one of several ways to make a lasting, positive impact on your working life or organisation.