Policies and Procedures


Business overview

Lighting up Learning Ltd is a limited company with a sole Director. It operates as a social enterprise, working at no or low cost with individuals, educational settings and heritage organisations. All of its work is centred on uncovering opportunities and embracing intelligent risk, and it specialises in acting as a change catalyst. Most of its work is centred in the South West of the UK and it uses coaching approaches as its guiding principles. It is also engaged in government projects overseas predominately for the British Government (British Council) as well as working independently.



Lighting up Learning is covered by both Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance.

Public Liability : £2,000,000
Professional Indemnity : £1,000,000
Employers Liability : £10,000,000

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Professional indemnity

Combined Liability


Employment and Employees

Lighting up Learning has only a few, part-time permanent employees. All other members of the 'team', such as the Director's Personal Assistant and Associate Consultants, are all self-employed and transient in the nature of their contracts, project involvement and hours worked. All wider team members with the exception of the Director are responsible for their own conditions of employment, tax and National Insurance.


Equal Opportunities

Lighting up Learning is a firm believer in equality and equity and does not discriminate in any way, positively or otherwise with how they choose business, choose Associate Consultants or those within their networks. With this in mind, they do not collate or ask for equal opportuntity information as they conduct their business on merit and talent alone. Lighting up Learning will always act fairly to prevent discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, marital status, part-time and fixed-term contract status, age, sexual orientation or religion. Associate Consultants are chosen on merit and references and are selected through personal networks or through face-to-face meetings. Advertisements and interviews are not held and so are not privy to equal opportuntity legislations.

All our employment policies are available on request.


Business Continuity

The purpose of a Business Continuity plan is to protect employees, secure communications, assets and sites during various disasters. There are two continuity procedures however that are relevant: data protection and retrieval, and death or incapacity of the company Director.

All data is backed up in three separate locations, is password protected and encrypted. In the event of data loss, data retrieval can happen in a variety of ways, ensuring that it is always possible. Only the Director, appointed Company Secretary and Accountant have access to data retrieval although this is from three different locations.

In the event that the Director is unable to continue his duties, the Team Leaders will be invited to take his place either temporarily or permanently. They will be guided by the Company Secretary and the Company's appointed Accountant. In the event that both the Company Director and Secretary are incapacitated, the appointed Accountant will temporarily manage the Company until such time that a decision is made as per above to continue under new directorship, or to close the business down.


Quality Assurance

In relation to the Director's activities, all are closely aligned to the Business' values and ethical limitations. As an Executive Coach, Nicholas Garrick chooses to be held to account by the International Coaching Association's Code of Ethics. At the beginning of each new project, a series of outcomes are decided and agreed upon between the Director and the client. These outcomes are reviewed as specified in each contract or schedule as every contract or schedule varies.

Built into every employee and Associate Consultant's contract are expected outputs and measures. Depending on the length of the contract or schedule, meetings will be held between the Director and Associate Consultant to review activities and ensure that they reinforce the Company's values and ethics. There are a number of statements and conditions in each Consultant's contract; a copy of which is available upon request.


Health and Safety

Nicholas Garrick, Director, is the Chief H&S Officer. The proper information and policies are on display in the office at Unit 5.11 in The Paintworks in Bristol and, when off site, they operate in accordance with the policies of the premises in which they are conducting business. All Associate Consultants are expected to do the same and Lighting up Learning takes no responsibility for the Healthy and Safety of the self-employed consultants they contract.


Data protection

Lighting up Learning fully complies with current data protection laws and expects all team members to be
both aware of current legislation and fully comply as well. You can read our full data protection policy here.