Curriculum Architects aims to professionalise curriculum leadership by creating research confident and practice informed Curriculum Leaders, able to design and defend school curricula (as well as working towards a PGCert over 18 months).

Part research, part taught, part action

Aimed at Curriculum Leaders, online monthly sessions are experienced in three parts over 18 months with an optional Postgraduate Certificate * as part fulfilment of a Masters of Education.

  • Become a research and practice informed, confident curriculum leader able to design and defend school curriculum.

  • Become an Accredited Curriculum Architect who could support other schools

  • Join a national network of Curriculum Architects

  • Opportunity to become a Master Curriculum Architect

  • Discounts available for groups of schools

Got some questions? See the FAQs below

When does it start?

The first cohort will officially start on the 25th February, 2021 at 14:00, ending in July 2022 (See dates below).

How do the sessions work, and what's the commitment?

Once a month, you will engage in a seminar, lasting approximately four hours. Between sessions, you will be paired up with someone in the cohort to bounce ideas off of or to complete a task and will need to make a date for a couple of hours to support each other. This time is also where any mentoring might happen.

  • A seminar is dialogic event where we explore thinking, share our work in schools and the changes we are making. There may be an element of it that is prerecorded and could be watched at a different time.

  • A task is a school based activity and might range from learning looks, policy writing or voice and staff voice.

  • There will be reading in and around the session for about six hours, and preparation and support in a task or seminar.

Most people choose to engage with the Post Graduate Certificate/Diploma (see below) and of course this will require some extra time needed for writing up, but all of the content and activities you will need to do this, is included within the Curriculum Architects. In fact as activities within Curriculum Architects mirror those for academic requirements, tasks completed can be submitted for the PGC/Dip/MEd. We time the academic submissions so that they follow the course content. For instance, the submission date for the Theories of Action module after Part 1 completes.

How will I juggle this and school?

Everything we ask of you will be based around your school work. Obviously, there is additional time involved but everything should relate to, and enhance, your understanding of your work, as well as school policies, websites, learning look etc; all those things that might be in your daily job anyway.

The meetings do occur during the school day with all dates set in advance and starting at 14:00. The commitment to releasing you to attend the meeting will be part of the Registration Form (See 'How do I book myself on?').

What are the dates of the 'compulsory taught' sessions?

Part 1, WHAT: Theories of Action

  • 25/02/21, 14:00 - 18:00, Introduction, Housekeeping etc

  • 26/02/21, 14:00 - 18:00, Seminar 1/5

  • 25/03/21, 14:00 - 18:00, Seminar 2/5

  • 22/04/21, 14:00 - 18:00, Seminar 3/5

  • 27/05/21, 14:00 - 18:00, Seminar 4/5

  • 24/06/21, 14:00 - 18:00, Seminar 5/5

What is a PGCert or DipEd, and how do they relate to an MEd?

A Postgraduate Certificate is awarded on successful completion of three 60 credit Master of Education modules. This is achieved through successfully completing Curriculum Architects. A Diploma of Education requires one more module which might be possible by using a PGCE (although not all PGCEs are transferable). A DipEd is basically half a Masters in Education. We have teamed up with the University of Bolton’s MEd programme. To complete a MEd, you will need to complete a compulsory module and then your dissertation. You will make the choice to convert your PGCert or DipEd and enrol on the MEd toward the very end of the course.

The three aligned MEd modules are:

  1. Theories of Action

  2. Leading Educational Change

  3. Policy and Curriculum Development

I haven't written academically for a long time, how will I be supported as part of the DipEd?

As part of the MEd fee included, you will be assigned an academic mentor who can help you at any stage.

How much, and when will we be invoiced?

In total for both Curriculum Architect Accreditation and the PGCert is £1400 per person for the 18 months.

£950 is payable up front for the Curriculum Architects course to Lighting up Learning. Then after month six, in September you enrol directly with the university for £450 for the academic support and submission for three modules. No other costs are incurred.

What happens if I don't want to do the PGCert?

Simply put: you don't have to. What we will say is that it is saving you over £1000 of the cost of the first year of a MEd. If you decide at a later date that you would like to do it, we may be able to add you onto a different cohort for the academic bit.

How do I book myself on?

Contact for a Registration Form. If your school is contributing to your fee, in full or in part, then we will need a Purchase Order (PO) to accept the form as well as your Headteacher's signature. If you are the Headteacher we will need the Chair of Governors or Trust Executive to sign instead.

You will not be asked to register for the academic part until after the first module.

£950+VAT Curriculum Architect

+ £450 PGCert

email: nicholas@lightinguplearning for a Registration Form.