Curriculum Theory to Practice

Curriculum 'Theory to Practice' Seminars

Curriculum Theory to Practice

Online seminars deconstruct different topics around intent, implementation and impact when leading a knowledge-engaged, enquiry-led curriculum.

Aimed at the Curriculum Leader, these 'self-guided' seminars provide the theory behind an enquiry-led curriculum topic by topic and include practical and pragmatic how to tips and guidance.

All seminars are approx. 30 minutes long, are recorded and can be accessed when and how the setting chooses for a limited time.

How much? Two options:

  • Pay As You Go at £75 per seminar

  • 10% off if paid in one go, reducing cost to £540 (instead of £600).

Eight Seminars Available

Delving deeper into cognitive development

Bronfenbrenner amongst other significant thinkers are highly influential to the construction of a curriculum, particularly a cognitively mapped enquiry-led one.
We will go deeper into Bronfenbrenner's theories of influence and how enquiries should maximise these influences.

Enquiries as progressive pedagogy

Understanding differences between confirmation, structured, guided and open enquiry is the key to ensuring that pedagogical principles are progressive as well as content.
We will practically develop different version of the same whole school enquiry.

The enquiry-led process: black and yellow hats

Using the enquiry-led pedagogy, this seminar will explore the process of learning within and enquiry-led curriculum using DeBono's Thinking Hats.
We will explore the facts, intuition, hesitations, opportunities, options and 'what next?' available to leaders.

Evidencing the wider curriculum

Books looks, planning looks, floor books, learning environments, portfolios, displays, pupil voice, questionnaires... the list is endless, but which approach will yield what result?
We will explore the facts, intuition, hesitations, opportunities, options and planning available to leaders.

Leading the leaders

Empowering Subject Leaders without either stepping on their toes or wanting to just 'do it for them as it will be quicker' is a temptation that all leaders face.
In this seminar, we will look at the different ways of empowering and supporting Subject Leaders, from shadowing and 'doing it with them' through to en mass learning walks and book looks.

How [not] to do a Learning Walk

Learning walks can yield rich and fascinating evidence, but for many they are observation by stealth.
We will explore how to frame a learning walk in the most positive of terms, what you could do (and shouldn't) and how to share the outcomes to make a difference.

Differences between process and product.

Truly understanding the difference between a challenge and a celebration, 'know more and remember more', and, sequence and progression are key tenets for any Curriculum Leader.
We will look at how knowing these differences can help towards the end of year, especially when curriculum reviews and planning for the next academic year are very much at the forefront of minds.

Representation, climate change or Global Goals?

Choosing the flavour of your curriculum takes time and research. It is a decision that needs to be made and one that should not be taken lightly.
We will explore the differences that different 'flavours' of curriculum can take and what will need to be done to ensure it avoids tokenism and adultification.
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