Subject Leadership 


2023 - 2024

'Subject leaders are knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects. They ensure that knowledge and skills build progressively year on year.'

'Leaders are knowledgeable and passionate about the subjects that they lead. They support other staff so that they have the knowledge they need to teach all subjects well.'

'In the wider curriculum, pupils learn how to be subject experts themselves. For instance, in history, they learn how to ‘think like a historian’.

Following the feedback and success of the existing network and recent inspections, three more collaborative sessions per subject focusing on pedagogy, assessing and evaluating for seven subjects across terms 2, 4 and 6. Sessions are practical, collaborative and focused on subject leaders making a difference in their settings between sessions with network facilitators available between sessions for advice and guidance. 

Collaborations on Science, History, Geography, Art, Design & Technology, Music and PE.

Sessions are aimed at all settings, not just Curious-city settings.

£145 per subject or £900 for all seven subjects (saving 10%).  

Small schools or MATs/Trusts should get in touch to discuss different options or pricing.

NB: Dates will be set by the end of July, 2023.


Lead Scientists

Lead Geographers

Lead Historians

Lead Artists

Lead Engineers

Lead Musicians

Lead Athletes


Once a PO is recieved, the person booking the sessions and each participant should receive a calendar invite directly via email. If you do not have a calendar invite please contact

All content and recording of sessions will be made available post session via a link to a shared folder.