The Seminars 2020/2021:

  • The Learning Environment

  • SLT Briefing 1

  • Family engagement

  • Observations and documentation

  • Enquiry-led learning

  • SLT Briefing 2

  • Oracy, ‘Sustained Shared Thinking

Building on the success of the last professional development seminars, EYFS teams can access:

  • Termly online seminars on key issues aligned to school development plans and inspections

  • A bespoke seminar designed specifically for your setting

  • Senior Leader online update and briefing, twice per year

  • Access to research and network of EYFS leaders

  • Access to an EYFS dedicated email for advice, guidance and signposting


Available to whole teams (leaders, teachers, EYPs, TAs) providing a rare opportunity for all EYFS staff to have high-quality ongoing shared Professional Development. Each school taking up the offer is also able to book a ‘bespoke’ session to meet their SDP/PD needs. These could involve both the SLT and EYFS team to build shared understanding of a key issue for the school/setting. All sessions are recorded and available to watch after the event, meaning teams can revisit throughout the year and use as further training in school.


The interactive, engaging seminars are driven by key questions and set the scene with a 10-minute pre-seminar film. Participants will be asked to share any changes they can commit to making in their practice or setting, and asked to refer closely to the setting’s existing/emerging ‘intent’ statement. ‘How might this practice be relevant to my setting?’ ‘How can my setting’s provision meet the needs of learners and school priorities better?’ ‘What change needs to happen?’

The Seminars 2020/2021 in detail

The Learning Environment

Environment’s role as ‘third teacher’, i.e. blending indoors/outdoors, purpose of displays and how to maximise learning potential through careful reflection and design. Will include discussion around the challenges of Covid demands on resourcing. (Session available as recording)

Learning Walks.mp4

Provocation for full seminar

SLT Briefing and Update online session 1 (LIVE session: Mon 07/12/20, 16:00)

Family engagement

How to ensure that the children’s ‘first teachers’ are fully engaged with the setting and practice. Ways of working will be explored and the link to ‘why’ (intent statements) by building effective working relationships with all families. (LIVE session: Wed 09/12/20, 16:00)

Observations and documentation

Sharing examples of best practice through the how and why we observe learners, and what happens to resulting information/data/pictures. Discussion, re: strengths and limitations of the range of online approaches, and focus on documentation for school, families and children alike. (LIVE session: Thurs 11/02/21, 16:00)

Enquiry-led learning

Exploring differences between topics, themes and enquiries. Recapping the theory behind the model and how it fits with EYFS best practice. How to build an enquiry-led approach, sharing examples from a range of settings at different stages in their development. (LIVE session: Tues 23/03/21, 16:00)

Oracy, ‘Sustained Shared Thinking’

Looking at the many ways that settings can promote oracy with both learners and families, including helicopter stories, storytelling, role play and maximising schemas. (LIVE session: Wed 26/05/21, 16:00)

How Much? £405 for full package or £75 per seminar.

  • Unlimited whole-team access for 12 months

  • Every recorded session available for 6 months

  • Bespoke seminar at a time that suits the setting (as part of full package only).

Email: to book or for further information. All prices are exclusive of VAT.