Curious Governance

Governors and Trustees are essential part of any school's success.

With renewed EIF focus of 'impact', Governors play an important role in qualifying and validating the impact of a school curriculum. More often that not, Governors are not trained to do this, and visits to the school are limited to meetings, 'learning walks' and subject leader presentations.

We want to empower Governors to be inquisitive by asking supportive and challenging questions, have greater confidence in choosing what they might look for during book looks and learning walks without it feeling like an inquisition.

We can do this in one of two ways:

Tools for Curious Governors

In three hours, we will take a group of governors through three elements and provide a suite of approaches.

  • Looking at work: why, how, what

  • Questioning Subject Leaders

  • Articulating outcomes

We will be as practical as possible: using children's books, teachers planning and walking around the school.

How much?

£300 for Curious-city & Lighting up Learning partner settings

£400 for non partners

Get in touch if you are interested in either, or a specifically designed approach for your setting.

Multi Academy Trusts could nominate one person from each academy to cascade training as an economy of scale.

Whole day MAT Governance Training with key note and seminars is also available.