Subject Leader Toolkit

Welcome to the Subject Leader Toolkit.

A self-guided approach to Continuous Professional Development that gives subject leaders the control to enhance areas of confidence and tackle areas they are not so sure on, at their pace, in their own time.

The Subject Leader Toolkit is divided into three areas, Intent, Implementation and Impact and contains 11 sections, each with a film and four signposts to high quality content.

You can watch the briefing video below

Once the school has subscribed to the Subject Leader Toolkit, Subject Leaders will be provided with access to a 10 minute 'Where am I as a Subject Leader?' questionnaire. Once completed, they will receive a report within 7 working days which will provide feedback on their responses and direct them to specific videos, additional resources, blogs or websites that we feel will help develop them further. Whilst they wait for their report, they can nose around the full suite of films and resources too.

We always quote for a school's individual needs, and as with everything we offer, all of our prices are indicative. Typically, access to the Subject Leader Toolkit would come in around £690 per setting for 12 months of unlimited access. Pease get in touch to discuss prices if you're a small setting or MAT.


Topics included:

  1. What might the different 'modes' of subject leadership be?

  2. New to leading the subject?

  3. How do I write an 'intent'?

  4. What to do, when?

  5. Where do I go for support and how can I support others?

  6. How do I encourage others to make the change?

  7. How do I increase my subject knowledge?

  8. How do I 'do' a learning walk?

  9. Thinking about 'learning looks'?

  10. How do I collect different voices: learner, teacher and family?

  11. Feeding back or feeding forward?

We have included a sample of one of the 11 areas below.

One size does not fit all

There is no one definition of subject leadership, and the mistake many people make is thinking that leading means 'being at the front all of the time, checking, checking and more checking. This is not the case. Every leader is different as is the subject, the state of the subject and the teachers in the schools are all different. What one Art Leader might do in one school will not be the same in another. It is a balance of being proactive and reactive. Thinning of subject leadership as a three year plan and what types of leadership might be needed at what time can be helpful. Breaking each academic year up into three: Autumn, Spring and Summer and thinking about how you might dip in and out of different form of leadership.

Film length: 25 minutes

Different 'modes' of subject leadership.mp4

What might the different 'modes' of subject leadership be?

Want a book to get into? Try this:

Garnett, S. (2018) The Subject Leader. Camarthen: Crown House Publishing.

Like a blog? Read this one as a start

What I have learnt about being a Coordinator (Goulds, 2020)

More of a film person?

Something a bit more academic?

Rees, T. (2020) An article drawing together research and think pieces. Ambition Institute [online].

There are eleven more of these sections available, with more being developed.