Career-changing trainees

capable, resilient and dedicated

About our trainees

Career-changers have made a considered decision to teach and bring a professional attitude from their previous working lives. They will be valuable members of staff immediately thanks to their existing skills and knowledge; their ability can quickly free up your leadership team to pursue CPD and those projects you never seem to have time for. 


About our training

We are a team of experienced teachers, heads and senior leaders. We give fresh, relevant and personal training to a small cohort of carefully-selected career-changers, equipping them with a deep understanding of the pedagogy, skills and knowledge required by the National Curriculum.     


How does the Salaried School Direct course work?

Firstly, we talk to you and match the trainee to the school, to make sure that it's a good fit for everyone. 

Trainees work with classroom-based experts at our base every Monday, developing pedagogical and subject knowledge including Phonics, SPAG, Reading, Writing, mastery-led Mathematics, Scientific investigation, as well as wider curriculum areas. They spend the rest of the week in your school, with regular visits for support and review from us.

We contribute £5000 towards the non-qualified teacher fixed-term employment contract, so you pay just over £11,500 for a talented trainee that will grow into a valuable member of your staff. 

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Contact Team Leader Celia Jenkins to discuss how our trainees can help your school

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