What is it really like training to teach?

If you have ever wondered what teacher training is really like, follow the journey of two career-changers on our Salaried School Direct course. School Direct courses mean you go straight into class whilst developing skills and knowledge simultaneously over an intensive one-year training programme. Trainees spend Mondays at our Bristol hub, understanding theories of learning and enhancing subject knowledge. The rest of the week in school, learning on the job with teachers and learners.

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Previous career: 

Main year group: Yr


Previous career: 

Main year group: Yr



WEEK 1: Induction - Our trainees learn exactly what the year has in store, then get stuck straight into NC2014, assessments, phonics and educational theory from Bloom to Skinner.


Our course

Our purposefully small cohort of trainees are given a solid grounding in educational theory as well as the benefit of our years of experience as teachers, Headteachers and leaders in classroom practice, curriculum design and school leadership.   

We skill our trainees in an enquiry-led pedagogy based around our very own Curious-city curriculum approach, which a number of schools across the South West currently engage with. We bring in external specialists, as well as cultural and heritage providers, to make sure our trainees have rounded, balanced skillsets and understand how to integrate the wider community into school life; a key aspect to our approach.

Our trainees become confident, capable teachers, with a thorough knowledge of NC2014 plus the flexibility and skills to teach creatively, responsively and develop curisoity.


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