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Curriculum is our 'thing'

Every school is unique and should have a bespoke curriculum. It is not enough to schools stats that they teach the National Curriculum... that is the minimum.

We enable schools to discover what makes them special and support them from our Specialist Curriculum Architects reviewing content and progression through to constructing a curriculum localised and bespoke to their school, learners and families. Many primary schools and KS3 settings engage with our Curious-city approach to enquiry based learning: an enhanced progressive framework to integrating the National Curriculum with new and big ideas of the 21st century.

As a guide to how we might support, please see the 'curriculum continuum' below

'Described as catalysts, we seek to support leaders and teachers to make the changes they want and need to ensure the young people of today become the adults of tomorrow: the articulate, confident, free-thinking global leaders they need to become.

This sounds grand, but the time to rethink education is now. We need to move away from today's revolution against policy and seek to evolve education through cultural change over time. As an organisation, we do this through being knowledge-engaged, using a combination of experience, research and theory. We are particularly committed to representing our broad and rich society to enhance curriculum and leadership.

As a group of practising teachers and leaders, we work with people on the ground in classrooms and staff rooms to affect practice and policy both in the UK and in countries such as Colombia, Afghanistan, Indonesia and Zambia. We do not make the change, we are not a SWOT team.

We help affect change from the inside and work with people in schools, trusts and charities for the long haul. We mark our success when we are no longer needed.

Evolution takes time.'

Nicholas Garrick

Founder and Managing Director

New for 2020/2021

Curious Citizens

Enquiry-led RE, PSHE and British Values. A balance of lighter touch enquiries that challenge learners concepts of the world and how they are a part it. Curious Citizens uses images, texts and websites as the main source of stimulus to a philosopher approach that can be taught discretely or embedded into enquiries.

Curious Computing

Designed for NQTs and experienced computing specialists alike, the enquiry-led approach uses open sources, common or inexpensive resources to explore computing in its broadest sense, not just programming. It can be used as a discrete subject or alongside Curious-city 2.0 enquiries and exceeds the expectations of the National Curriculum.

Curious Linguists

Created for non-specialist teachers, Curious Linguists is a whole school approach. It looks at languages and cultures, not just a language and engages learners through immersive experiences. The KS2 enquiries specifically build confidence and curiosity of languages and through careful mentoring from fluent speakers, they become linguists.

All curious approaches can be taught discreetly in any setting or enhance a Curious-city Catalyst Curriculum.

Meet the team

Teachers, leaders and specialists: every single member of the team has passion for change and works in and with schools and charities, on the ground. Every team member is part-time as they have leadership roles in schools, organisations or charities.

Nicholas Garrick

Founder & Managing Director
Nicholas is an EYFS & Curriculum Specialist and is currently finishing his Doctorate
and Trustee of House of Imagination

Ali Camp

Co Director
Passionate about everything history and heritage, Ali knows (almost) everyone
and Trustee of Knead to Connect

Sam Wilson

Company SecretaryPA to Directors

Charlie Proctor

Company SecretaryCharities Specialist
and Director of Operations, Unit DX

Amy Garroch

Curriculum Architect and English Specialist
and Deputy Head of Old Sodbury Primary

Ed Harker

Curriculum Architect and EYFS Specialist
and Educational Consultant of Brighter Futures

Kevin Jones

Curriculum Architect, Leadership & Development Specialist
and Trustee of The 401 Foundation

Jo Lee

Curriculum ArchitectSEND Specialist
and Head of People of This Mum Runs

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