We change the way people think about leading, learning and research.

Curriculum architecture, construction and leadership, the team within Lighting up Learning are grounded practitioners with real experience and pragmatic solutions. 

As catalysts, we shine lights in dark corners. 

We take an appreciative approach and engage in honest, person-centred dialogue. Sounds fluffy? It's not, it simply recognises that education is led by humans that need human-centred solutions. Every setting, organisation and charity is different and each setting deserves bespoke attention.

Intro to The Curriculum Toolkit

The [all *NEW*] Curriculum Toolkit

In 5 minutes, Nicholas introduces The Curriculum Toolkit with 50+ films and associated resources, signposts, research papers, blogs, websites, links to associations and organisations, the aim is to inspire and support leaders of all levels create debate, discussion and dialogue with others to drive change.

September September was a catalytic two week programme that kick started our focus for the year: subjects in schools. We have spoken to grounded experts and practitioners, and combined these interviews with updated Subject Leader and EYFS Toolkits to provide a fully, comprehensive online professional development package available to schools to use in any way they want. 

Ultimately, we want to support schools to enhance leadership at all levels, including the empowerment of Subject Leaders. With over 50 films with linked resources,signposts,  websites, research and blogs schools have can unlimited access for a year. Click here for more info.

Our favourite quote from a Headteacher

I have some good news!  We achieved a GOOD rating in our recent OFSTED inspection.  We are all elated given the significant progress we have collectively made over the past 18 months.

We owe you a great deal of thanks for all your support and expertise.  Personally, I felt the curriculum is what sealed the deal with OFSTED.  For that I am eternally grateful and for Boxing Day 2020 when my research led me to you!"

James Baugely, The Weald Primary School. 

In addition to the curriculum and leadership surveys, reviews, coaching and mentoring that Lighting up Learning provide, we also have three distinct pathways to deepen our work with individual organisations or connect individuals locally and internationally.

From designing your own curriculum to using a catalytic framework, our approach to enquiry-led learning is unparalleled. 

Not only have we combined practical pedagogy with progressive content, we have had the validation from numerous leaders and inspectors that the way we work, over time with people on the ground makes a difference. We don't parachute in, we are not a SWAT team. We work with people to make sustainable curriculum change.

Learning does not just happen in schools, but in the charities, organisations and cultural institutions that make up the society. 

We work with different learning organisations to design and/or enhance what they offer to schools and help redefine how they might work with young people.

Learning Everywhere is both a network and a service to anyone or organisation that wants to promote learning everywhere.

'Described as catalysts, we seek to support leaders and teachers to make the changes they want and need to ensure the young people of today become the adults of tomorrow: the articulate, confident, free-thinking global leaders they need to become.'

'The time to rethink education is now. We need to move away from today's revolution against policy and ... 

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Nicholas Garrick

Founder and Managing Director

...seek to evolve education through cultural change over time. As an organisation, we do this through being knowledge-engaged, using a combination of experience, research and theory. We are particularly committed to representing our broad and rich society to enhance curriculum and leadership.

As a group of practising teachers and leaders, we work with people on the ground in classrooms and staff rooms to affect practice and policy both in the UK and in countries such as Colombia, Afghanistan, Indonesia and Zambia.  We do not make the change, we are not a SWOT team. 

We help affect change from the inside and work with people in schools, trusts and charities for the long haul. We mark our success when we are no longer needed.

Evolution takes time.'

Not sure where to start? Perhaps a Curriculum Survey or Review.

Is what is on the tin, inside the tin?

A one day light touch look at curriculum content and coverage and compliance. 

Shining a light in every corner

A two-day deeper evaluation from two Specialist Curriculum Architects including coverage, progression, environment, social media, website, planning and learning looks.

What do people honestly think of the curriculum?

Facilitated conversations with young people, families, governors, teachers and leaders through a blend of face-to-face sessions, online and case studies over a period of time.